Wellness+ Group Coaching

$99.00 / month

Do you want to move the needle forward in every aspect of your life?

Join our community each week where Jaclyn, Gaby and special guests teach you the tools to thrive in your career or your business, improve your relationships with others and yourself, and boost your physical health and well-being.

Who’s keeping you accountable to your goals? We are here to ensure that you are living to your greatest potential in flow and in good health.

Our Wellness+ Group Coaching package includes:

  • A weekly 47-minute online coaching call led by Gaby
  • Group movement classes once a week led by Jaclyn
  • Online cooking class with Chef Collin (first Wednesday of every month)
  • Members-only Facebook group where you can connect and interact with other like minded members.

Gaby will coach you in areas of relationships, spirituality, connection with yourself and others, and helping you understand how your past patterns may have held you back in your life. Our group will keep you accountable and support you in your journey of emotional and physical transformation.

Jaclyn will guide you through specific movements to re-align your posture, increase mobility and strengthen your entire body using our MVMT47 resistance bands.

If you’re looking for more abundance, connection and growth in your life, join us in this program.